Balsam Fir 3 Wick Jar Candle - 64 oz

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About These Jar Candles

Balsam Fir 64 oz Jar Candle - 3 wick candle

Premium paraffin wax and lead free wicks are used in these large jar candles. Each of these scented jar candles is hand crafted in the U.S.A The 3 flames will melt the wax out to the edge of the glass using up all the wax.

Scent:  The smell of Dense luscious evergreens where the scent of resinous pine needles fills the air.

Burn Time: 160 to 180 hours
Scent: Premium blend of essential oils and synthetics crafted to produce great burning scented jar candles.
Dimensions: 5.5 in. diameter x 7.75 in. tall
Lid: Glass lid with knob handle
Wick: 100% Lead Free